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Module Do you realize how to state this? Or then again that? Or on the other hand these are those in French? All things considered, today to arrive, we're going to rehearse our definite descriptors. Alright, thus, before we start going straight into a little exercise, let me remind you actually rapidly what a definite descriptive word is. All things considered, in English, it's either. All these, each one of those, alright? All things considered, in French, we have four unique methods for saying this, or that or those.

Thus one and what you need to contemplate is that everything consents to cause and numbers with them then they qualify. So by this I imply that you have to know whether you were the word you're utilizing with this decisive descriptor is a female word mescaline with plural or does it start with a vowel or a H. Presently how about we see how we use

The showed descriptive word utilizing a manly Weren't we would state, Sir, would you be able to state that someone or other methods this for the manly weren't that pursues So, so take this pen for instance. So Still, if the word is manly however starts with a H or vowel, it would be set C e t, so set up for instance, this tree. Presently when you utilize a female particular thing, it would be sent ce e TT E. So you would state this bloom set stream for instance, or you could state set hole the Boston this postcard for instance, and as should be obvious the distinction between specific settings that setters twofold t so it alludes to a female at this point

OK, presently if you somehow happened to utilize a plural thing and in any case whether it is female or manly, in any case whether it starts with a H of our, you would state Si, si e S. So in the event that we use Fleur, once more, recollect in a ladylike structure it's set for, yet you need to state these blossoms on those blooms, it will be the equivalent. In French, you would state, say Fleur ce e. s, stream, and the focal Afterburn. Yet, you wouldn't state set out, alright, just when it's in particular structure. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to place it in it's plural structure. At that point you utilize the word Si, si E. So you would state, say Zambia and this accentuation to stick you would state these pens will become see stylo. Alright so this is only a speedy update remind that in French we have three unique or four on the off chance that you can set CT of utilizing this. So this alright so we have so we have set CT we have sets e TT E and we have si e s came however you may state yet how would I know without need to utilize a pre roll or will win? It's simple however how would you realize how to utilize a female or manly when it's very basic you must nobody extremely fundamental standard is that if the words and with a knee or SEO for instance all things considered, the word is ladylike and the rest will probably be mescaline.

In any case, there is no set guideline to knowing how where the thing is ladylike or manly. So you simply need to learn it once you know and become familiar with the new weren't simply learned with its article or LA ladylike, manly or female if that bodes well now the most ideal path for us is to distinguish them in a sentence. So how about we view 10 distinct sentences utilizing them Australia of descriptive words. What I might want you to do is examine them and attempt to figure which definite modifiers you should use in the hole here. We should view the main sentence.

The principal sentence here says ballad, some day by day sews, sonnet, some tasty us so we need to put either C or C or set of set Okay in this hole, however what would it be able to be? Presently we have here a pre move How would I know it's mayhem since it's shown here and I'm going to utilize my pen here Have a look here alright however we realize that when the word which is manly start with our Nate, we have to include a TT sir. So we will compose set equal. Alright? So we know two things here that the world is mescaline we realize that currently alright and furthermore that the word has its start with a worth and consequently we utilize set alright recollect there's two different ways of utilizing this in manly sex so all set alright so Jim book who leave of the city occasion I like the book of this author. I like this journalists book a ton. That is the thing that it implies. Examine number three. Presently we have machine new people pee now. No doubt, we realize that we haven't.

They get to Not unreasonably it is important into what we need to do. I'm simply calling attention to out presently no methods not a key know before the action word and after the word demonstrate sent nullification. The action word is here capacity it could be pound also new capacity, new mashup, that doesn't work. Would could it be that doesn't work love machine? What's more, here it has an E toward the end. So the weren't having any thought is probably going to be ladylike. So knowing this, what do we put so machine set machine CD set machine CT or debilitated machine? ce e s, not pre roll is it doesn't have a S so here it closes with an E so in this manner it's probably going to be ladylike and hence we would put set machine alright set so what I will do

manly alright presently we should examine numerical get number four o d and afterward lodging a period OK we have a trouble here suppose that you don't have the foggiest idea what the rest implies yet inn is a straightforward method to realize it implies inn OK this word starts with a H OK so with we need to know is it female or manly provided that it's met ladylike will be set C e TT e however on the off chance that it's female manly alright it will be CET why since it starts with a demonstration Okay for this situation inn doesn't have a decent And so it's probably going to be manly so in this manner we are going to put CET OK Auntie could set up a period better believe it so article is an expression and it implies individuals state that one says that really it happens that alright This inn is generally excellent alright so inn is and I will compose it here a manly weren't

I'm is a man. So however it closes with an almost certainly, the word is strong. OK state I don't have a clue why I did that coincidentally so it is determined to approve set on in light of the fact that the word is mescaline. Also, it starts with an Ah, alright. Set them I've ever visit them. As I'm going to shading coded in blue only for you. Alright, the following word tip top, I blew the dish such a significant number of feet later. Blue the band such a large number of feet. So we should envision you don't have the foggiest idea what later blue is. You don't have the foggiest idea what numerous individuals simply base yourself on that word here. gasp. OK Now I realize it has an E toward the end, and I realized that you would probably say it's female, sadly. Also, that is the reason I've picked this model is that it has a place with the exemption band as an E toward the end, yet is manly. So realizing that band which implies painter is mescaline. What's going on here? Is it so terrible?

This painter set gasp see groups when it very well may be said CT since it doesn't start with a vowel or night. It tends to be attractive TD in light of the fact that I've quite recently revealed to you it is a manly word and it tends to be cc ies since it's not in endorsement structure so it must be so terrible. Alright. So gasp minimal blue. Do some chitchat such a large number of feet the works of art of these painter are eminent came only an easily overlooked detail here. We have a S here and alludes to the Tablo, the works of art came and for what reason do we need to concur the abstract with later blue this is on the grounds that we are utilizing a few, which is the are, you know the to be assistant here. OK. So on the off chance that I shading coded this one, I would place it in blue.

So there is no issue here. You know, you're showing enchantment this at this point it isn't. So it isn't set. It is ocean level and for what reason is it state OK in light of the word is plural. OK, however it doesn't intend to state we don't have to realize what that is regularly is in newborn child I was going to state youngsters. Alright, these kids those youngsters OK recall that in French these and those are a similar vision that is a similar alright simply stick to what I have recently let you know here so says on for some to beneath these kids are choppiness Can you say fierce shrewd or boisterous or you know bit everywhere now by the manner in which despite everything you have to recognize what sexual orientation regularly is I realized I realized it is your job and you know how I realize that this is on the grounds that to have a place which consistently concurs with a thing here as know he so we don't set your have a place with OK on the off chance that we had set to be propelled it will allude to a ladylike thing here it doesn't eat so frequently will be

that is executing OK now here we go. Presently the following one is great Superman Dhoni and afterward adolescent try to play now gift intends to give so we requesting that somebody give me what these Chanel is a paper Chanel closes with a so it is probably going to be manly doesn't have a S it's not level. So is it kind of set CT doesn't start with our doesn't start with an edge so accordingly it is probably going to be so it isn't likely it is so incidentally, so in no time, alright, this paper so would you be able to give me this paper, if it's not too much trouble see the play OK. Furthermore, I'm going to shading coded with you.

Appears as though we have the man is winning today we have a ton of manly thing alright, however that is alright. It happens now the last model is kiss great to swoon surmise. Might you be able to state and afterward swap. So we need to state suit swap seats. sets well what would we like to state currently swap is evening OK evening and in all honesty it needs to happen sex blue or no alright squad doesn't end with a pleasant so isn't probably going to be ladylike so it doesn't and inside this present it's not doesn't start with a vowel or an edge it's not si te so in this manner it is once more.

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